Meet Jodi Ohl, Painter and Mixed Media Artist

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Featured artist: Jodi Ohl

Featured artist: Jodi Ohl

This week’s featured artist is painter, mixed media artist Jodi Ohl. You are in for a treat when you explore Jodi’s wonderful artwork. Her explorations into the use of color, layered effects and inspirational messaging will lead you on a journey of discovery as you are drawn into her artwork.

Jodi is another of our artists that has taken the dive into fully living the creative life by leaving her career in banking and moving full time into doing what she loves through being a full time artist. You can find her beautiful work in galleries along the East Coast and in her home area along the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.

Finding Your own Artistic Voice

Joining one of Jodi’s workshops is an experience not only in wonderful art creation but also a retrospect of you personally as an artist. Jodi encourages each artist to start from a position of where they are and what they want to convey through the projects. She has her own unique colorful style but she thoughtfully takes the time to encourage you to find your own voice, your color pallet and the personal focus that will make your artistic creations a true reflection of you right where you are.

Layering in Colorful Storytelling & Inspiration

Each of Jodi’s creations bring to life at least three layers of art expression starting with your choice of subject matter. Our featured workshop with Jodi is called “Funky Little Cityscapes”, the first encouragement that Jodi shares with her students is to make your project personal to your life, giving you creative freedom to focus on an individual house, a neighborhood or an entire cityscape scene that is personal and relevant to you. Then she guides you through developing a personal color pallet, in addition she encourages you to include inspirational words and messages blended into the architecture that convey hope, faith, optimism or love. Making each work of art a true storytelling and inspiring experience.

Tour of Jodi Ohl’s Studio

Be sure not to miss the video tour of Jodi Ohl’s art studio. You will get a behind the scenes view of where Jodi creates and how she organizes to be productive and live the creative life. And you can also listen to her podcast interview and get to know her a little bit more.

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