A 4 Point Checklist to Simple Storage Solutions

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Five children and a teeny-tiny budget, mixed with a vivid imagination were my creativity staples. With an “Anything’s possible!” attitude, great fun times and satisfying projects, I instilled a deep appreciation for creativity in my children, but…I craved order.

Functional, aesthetically pleasing, inspirational, ECOnomical ( good for purse and planet) and portable storage solutions.

Efficient storage solutions and organisation were exactly what I sought to run a fun and functional household of seven.  Although adept with routines for meals, sleeps and bath times, I had a long way to go to get a handle on how to store my art and craft supplies-let alone what to keep in supply. My insatiable appetite to find and attract treasured items, without having the luxury of a personal art studio or even built-in storage, soon made it chaotically obvious that I needed some simple storage solutions with these traits.

1. Functional…

Means easily viewed and accessed. If it was too hard I knew it wouldn’t work. It had to be a true storage solution and not just a place to hide things. Also, I wanted to train my children to be able to easily stow things as well.

Easy Storage SolutionsImage credits L to R: Great Useful StuffBHGBHG

2. Aesthetically Pleasing/ Inspirational

Visual stimulation is big on my list of living a rewarding life. Color, light and contrast, movement, delightful motifs and order, are wonderful mood lifters. Being in a space where colorful tools and artistic toys are arrayed in attractive storage systems means my creative nature is constantly being drawn into play and ideas flow easily. Art studio or not, it just feels good to be in such a space.

Pretty Storage

Image credits, clockwise: The Nest UKBubblewrapp’dPinterestScrapbooks Etc

3. ECO-nomical & Upcycled

I love recycling and not just as a solution to environmental issues or because I looked for inexpensive ways to give my ideas form. I simply believe that a thing always has some way to continue to be of use and it’s such a delight to come up with multiple ways to resurrect some old piece of usually discarded stuff. Converting packaging into decorative storage systems is practically a tradition! Seeing beyond the obvious to create something new and different, is not only satisfying it is also one of the very best life skills to develop. Innovation is a sought after attribute everywhere and is cultivates an optimistic nature that shows initiative.

economical storage

Image credits, clockwise: Dishfunctional DesignsOffbeat HomeBest Bib & TuckerApartment Therapy 

4. Portable

This aspect was important to me years ago, since I had no specific space. I found putting things on wheels a useful storage option. Now, even if there is space, wheels are an easy-access essential. So too, are daises (‘lazy susan’), shelves, hooks, lines, wall mounts and drawers, which are all effective forms for harnessing space.

portable storage

Image credits, clockwise: StoragemastersAmazonAmazonHoneybear LaneContainer StoreJudy Nolan

Your Turn

Currently, I am developing storage for a mobile art studio and am reviewing anew this list of trusty components that have served me so well in the past. But, as this is my list, I am curious to know the criteria other people may have on their lists. What elements do you consider when creating your most effective storage solutions?

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About Lisa Shah

Lisa Shah was born and raised in Sydney, Australia but has spent the last eighteen years raising her five children, on Queensland's Gold Coast. She has an intense love and appreciation for spirituality and creativity as crucial life practices. She is an artist, singer, musician, songwriter, and storyteller who creatively conveys important life messages using metaphoric imagery. Lisa became a published novelist in Aug 2012 with her first adventure "Escape to Ecclesia" and has other e-books available on line covering Spirituality, Law of Attraction and Creativity.

2 thoughts on “A 4 Point Checklist to Simple Storage Solutions

  1. Talk about mobile. My husband and I live and travel full-time in a motorhome. It’s been just over a year now and I’m still struggling at how and where to keep things. Which need to be always at hand inside and which can go in the “basement” storage areas. I always enjoy seeing organization ideas.

    • I know what you mean Jill!
      I’ve been without fixed address for over 16mths and spent 6 of last 12 months overseas, so am travelling even lighter!
      I always want access to everything and keep all my options open! lol
      I guess I realised that a collection of ‘creative staples’-not negotiable items- make up the nucleus for me and I trust that when/if I want/need something else, I find it. :)
      And I always do. But I have missed my stacks of magazines and tactile collage.
      What kind of art/craft do you do mostly?
      Photoshop and other digital artforms have provided a captivating, if slightly different, alternative for life on the move and working remotely-and I loved them!. Are some of the digital scrapbooking programs any good for what you do? Send Out cards is great for lots of types of art/craft work and personal correspondence too.

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