By Carolyn Dube

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Gelli Printing A Colorful Workshop
Beginner Workshop
By Carolyn Dube

The Gelli Plate is a tool that encourages play. No pressure, just play. Carolyn will guide you through step-by-step as you create amazing papers loaded with layers of color and design.  People who don’t know about the Gelli Plate can’t imagine how the layers were made. But you will learn exactly how it is done!  This workshop is loaded with techniques in 7 hours of video for both newbies and veterans of the Gelli Plate.

Prints can be just one layer or have layer after layer building up the pattern and color to create 1-of-a-kind papers!  You’ll be looking right over her shoulder as she makes her gelli prints.  You’ll see it all!

Just some of what you will learn in this workshop:

  • how color theory applies to the Gelli printing (the polite way of saying how to avoid mud)

  • how to get layers of color in just one single pull from the Gelli Plate

  • how to use homemade and purchased stencils

  • how to get texture on the Gelli Plate with found objects

  • how to get subtle or bold effects when you want where you want

  • how to use more than just paint on the Gelli Plate

  • how to use rubber stamps on the Gelli Plate

  • building a composition using layers on the Gelli Plate

  • painting on the Gelli Plate

  • how to deal with the ugly prints

  • how to use the prints in a variety of mixed media projects

  • how to combine multiple techniques in one print

  • how to be free and experience all the joy in playing with the Gelli Plate

She will also share a few mixed media projects you can do with your Gelli prints. There is no limit to how you can use these papers. In addition to the technique training, she will also share some of the ways she uses her papers.

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