About Brecia Kralovic-Logan

Starting with imagination, curiosity and wonderment I play with ideas, materials and techniques. In the spirit of adventure, I explore various options — some that work and some that don’t — to discover that I have created something original, something that reflects me as an individual. At the same time, I am constantly discovering new ways of thinking, and being in the world. I love my life as a fiber artist, filled with color and texture and marvelous materials that I can hold in my hands and mold into something that never existed before.

For all of my enthusiasm, I am deeply aware of the challenges that a creative life presents. When I become aware of my own self-doubt, anxiety and limiting beliefs, I turn to the coaching tools that I share with my students. My creative journey is a series of steps including self-acceptance and love, openness, and gratitude. I’m constantly reconnecting to my inner intuitive wisdom, to my compassionate center, and to my spiritual essence.

Practicing, fostering and supporting creativity has been a lifelong joy for me. I love sharing the creative process with others and would be delighted to connect with you as your creativity coach.

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